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Floral Events


Congratulations to Elaine Taylor NIGFAS

Lower Bann Floral Art Society for gaining Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show 2021



Due to the ongoing health pandemic it has been decided that the NIGFAS AGM will be held via Zoom.

Your Club Chairmen will have all the relevant information about this event by Thursday 5th August 2021.


Competition in associationwith our Zoom AGM

Please ensure all entries are with our Competition Secretary Elaine Taylor by 10th September 2021-12 midnight

Email :


Saint Patrick's Day Exhibits

All Foliage Design

Virtual Competition You are the Judge

Cast your vote below, after viewing all the exhibits


Exhibit 1


Exhibit 2


Exhibit 3


Exhibit 4


Exhibit 5


Exhibit 6


Exhibit 7


Exhibit 8


Exhibit 9


Exhibit 10


Exhibit 11


Exhibit 12


Exhibit 13


Exhibit 14


Exhibit 15

Select your favourite exhibit below and dont forget to press VOTE

You can vote for only ONE exhibit and you can only cast your vote ONCE

Closing Date for these exhibits is Wednesday 24/03/2021 at 12 Noon

Saint Patrick's Day exhibits

People's choice awards

The votes have been counted and checked and include our new voting system on the

New NIGFAS Website page and the votes from the Facebook page

These are the Winners

1st place Exhibit 9 Londonderry and District Floral Art Society

2nd place Exhibit 12 Newry and District Floral Art Society

3rd place exhibit 2 Armagh and District Floral Art Group

4th exhibit 10 Lower Bann Floral Art Society

1st Place Londonderry and District Floral Art Society


2nd Place Newry and District Floral Art Society


3rd Place Armagh and District Floral Art Group


4th Place Lower Bann Floral Art Society




Given we are going to be less active for longer than we had hoped I am setting my CC as a simple way of giving clubs a chance to work on a simple project.

Each month will have a title and areas are invited to ask each club to produce something to illustrate that title, it does not have to be an arrangement, it can be a collection of items as an assemblage, a collection of plants, containers etc., clubs are only limited by their imaginations.

The area collects all the photographs of the entries, one from each club that wants to take part, the area then emails the image they think best to me and then the board will award points. There will be a small prize for the area with the most points at the end of the year.

Obviously whilst lockdown lasts clubs will have to appoint one member to produce the entry.

I am not setting areas against each other, just trying to keep creative juices going and ensure

the whole association remains active and interactive, only support this as an area if you choose.

Entries to Chairman by the last day of the competition month.

A selection of images will be put on our website, face book, etc.

The sending of the image presumes you give permission for it to be used wherever NAFAS chooses.

December - A Festive gift.

January - Burns night.

February - Valentine time.

March - A spring bonnet.

April - no competition as we have our virtual show.

May - May Day celebrations.

June - Wedding time.

July - Happy holidays.

August - A Picnic on the beach.

September - Back to school.

October - Here comes autumn.

November - Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Look out for the regular Looking Forward News sheets. Best wishes Katherine Kear.


NIGFAS Afternoon Tea

Roberta Orr Area Demonstrator

Fantastic Afternoon with the beautiful Exhibits that Roberta produced on the Afternoon Zoom

NIGFAS Afternoon Daffodil Tea by Zoom

Competition Title "Maximise The Minimum "

Novice Winners

1st Place Diane Wynne Bangor Flower Club, 2nd PlaceSharon Campbell Lower Bann Floral Art Society,

3rd Place Janette Graham Lower Bann Floral Art Society, 4th Place Sharon Wilson Greenisland Flower Arrangement Society

Commended Suzanne Martin Holywood Floral Art Society, Commended Diane Taylor Lower Bann Floral Art Society

Very Highly Commended Edel Michael Mid - Ulster Floral Art Society, Very Highly Commended Evelyn Conn Lower Bann Floral Art Society

NIGFAS Afternoon Daffodil Tea by Zoom Competition Title "Maximise The Minium "

Open Class Winners

1st Place Liz Manning Londonderry &District Floral Art Society,

2nd Place Hilda Mc Clements Comber Flower Club

Joint 3rd Place Pat Leahey Holyeood and Inspirations Flower Clubs,

Joint 3rd Place Margaret Bamford Ballymena Floral Art Group

Commended Aine Mc Gunniess Lurgan &DistrictFlower Arrangement Society,

Commended Mary Knox Ballymena Floral Art Group,

Highly Commended Johann Henderson Holywood and Inspirations Flower Clubs,

Highly Commended Maureen Mulligan Holywood Floral Art Society

Very Highly Commended Lorraine o Brien Inspirations Contemporary Flower Group,

Very Highly Commended Anne Johnston Omagh Floral Art Society

Daffodil Tea - Virtually Of Course

By Liz Manning NIGFAS President

How things have changed, it's all so strange,
What can we do for the members of our clubs?
No face to face, no big events, club meetings on hold and flower friends missed,
Facebook info isn't quite the same.

"I know" Marretta our Chairman said,
"What about a Daffodil Tea - Virtual of course!!
We've done the zoom committee meetings, we've managed our zoom Council meetings, sure
If we get 100 members to join won't that be fun"

So plans were made, a date set, competitions decided on, demonstrator booked, invite to the NAFAS Chairman, clubs informed,
All done "Virtually of course"!
And just to add more interest, we will get our Media Officer Bernie to launch our new website.

Stress levels rose as the numbers climbed, passed 100 and counting.
More Zoom committee meetings sorted things out.
How would we get all the IT sorted?
Peter, NAFAS Director to the rescue - Weren't we glad to have him on board.

Competition entries were photographed and off to Susan our Judge they went- virtually of course.
We reorganised our demonstrators kitchen, tested sound, ran through everything one more time and prayed that we would get everyone logged on

Daffodil Tea Day arrived, now just 214 signed up to join- it was a slow start letting people in,
But once they entered "Oh boy the noise", so happy to chat to friends they hadn't seen for so long.
Our NAFAS Chairman Katherine Kerr spoke of Spring, and put us in a hopeful mood.
Afternoon tea- tables all in their glory(set the night before) and competition presentation- virtually of course.

And then "What a thrill" a stunning demonstration and great chat.
Demonstrator Roberta Orr so relaxed in her kitchen-virtually of course
Zoom chat was discovered, and info was relayed launched lovely informal atmosphere arose- questions answered, tips given all the while members enjoying their tea.

Bernie launched the website- What a triumph and relief, suitably toasted with a glass of champagne.
Please look us up we think it's great, a lot of hard work but worth it in the end.
Another poem from Katherine Kerr and somewhere along the line Peter left us his "Covid Jag" to get.
Lots of thanks to so many people and what an absolutely fabulous day we had-" VIRTUALLY OF COURSE"

The buzz, wonderful comments, we're all on a high and thankful our Chairman pushed us to try
Only one problem, time to think
Executive committee-
Now What's next?


Photo Galleries of Our Past Events

NIGFAS Day 7th March 2020

Floral Art and Photography Winners

Floral Art Competition National Judge Rita Braithwaite

National Speaker Brenda Eyers

National Demonstrator David Thomson

NIGFAS Chairman Liz Manning

Photography Judge Brian Hennessey

NIGFAS AGM October 2019

NAFAS National Demonstrator Coral Gardiner Title " The WOW Factor "

Floral Art Competition Title Words! Words! Words!

National Judge Christine Picton

Executive Committee and Past NIGFAS Chairmen

Door Arrangement by Ann Johnston Omagh Floral Art Society

Armagh & District Floral Art Society provided Tea/ Coffee and a group of members enjoying their morning break

NIGFAS Day March 2019

Jan Law Chairman of NAFAS joined us for the Day, Christne Hughes Demonstrator,

Liz Manning NIGFAS Chairman, Sandra Carson Founder Chairman of theTeacher's Association

and Maurice Parkinson NIGFAS Patron

Door Arrangement by Edel Michael Mid - Ulster Flower Club

Ann Johnston received Best Individual Exhibit

This was the Inaugural year for the Sandra Carson JDS&E Trophy won by Alan Beatty

All Prize winners are shown in the Gallery

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