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Flower Arrangement

About Us

Founded in 1973 NIGFAS has over 900 members in clubs throughout Northern Ireland, including a Contemporary Floral Design Group.

We are  proud of our talented members who have brought distinction to the Area through success in many National and World Shows and also of the high number of Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Teachers who are qualified at both National and Area level. We have a very active JDS&E group who work to support NIGFAS.

Since our integration with the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) in 1994 it is pleasing to note that we have had and continue to have a number of members serving on various committees at National Level and have had in the past a NAFAS Director. Some of our members have also been selected for prestigious NAFAS, RHS and World Events.

Our aim is to encourage all in the art of Flower Arranging through Demonstrations, Talks, Classes, Flower Festivals and Show Work.   Many of these activities take place in Local Flower Clubs to which you would be made most welcome.

We are the smallest Area in NAFAS but our enthusiasm, talent and success more than make up for our lack of members and we look forward to sharing the wonderful world of flower arranging with anyone who is interested.

Flower Wreath
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