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We are affiliated to NAFAS the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies a registered charity. Currently the NIGFAS Area has 21 clubs with a membership of 1000. Our aim is to encourage all in the art of flower arranging, through demonstrations, talks, classes, flower festivals and show work. Many of these activities take place in local flower clubs to which you would be made most welcome. 

No experience is necessary to join a flower club. Go along to one, you might discover a new talent! Please click on Flower Clubs to find one near you. 

NIGFAS take an active part in the Belfast Spring and Autumn Fairs, teaching step by step flower arranging for all. Come and see us at our stand. See the Belfast Parks Department events brochures or website for details of these Shows.


Dear Members Three months on from my last letter I am sitting at the same kitchen table to write this one. It is Mother’s Day. I have received my cards and early morning phone calls from my absentee daughters. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the garden is like a sea of yellow and all is as it should be. Well! Nearly.  The blot on my horizon is the time change.  For some reason it always takes me at least a week to get used to this. I don’t have the same problem when the clocks go back. Anyway, we do now have the benefit of some extra daylight. Things are stirring in the garden so we can get on with clearing the Winter debris, getting on top of the weeds, get new planting underway and making a start on the “Spring cleaning”. Sadly, since my last letter, some of our NIGFAS members have passed away and some have suffered bereavements. On behalf of NIGFAS let me extend our heartfelt sympathy to their families and friends. I am sure they will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. Our NIGFAS Day in March was a great success. Let me again thank everyone involved for all their hard work. A day like that just didn’t happen by accident. I must also thank you all for attending  and tell you that our visitors were greatly impressed with the friendliness and hospitality shown to them. By the time you get this Newsletter, the Belfast Spring Show will have passed and we will have a new Designer of the Year. I do hope that some of you will have taken the opportunity to have entered the competitions and seen  our talented designers at work. The Lonely Bouquet campaign will be coming up in May.  The reward for this is the feel good factor of brightening someone’s day and perhaps encouraging someone to join a flower club. I would encourage as many as possible to take part.
In June, WAFA will be held in Barbados. I send our good wishes with Joan Lockhart as she represents NIGFAS by staging our honorary exhibit. Good luck also to all our other competitors. I wish you well and will look forward to seeing the photographs. During the past months I have been asked to attend some of your Open Demonstrations. This has been an absolute pleasure for me as I enjoyed meeting with you and seeing the demonstrations. NIGFAS certainly has a wealth of talent. At this point I must congratulate Sandra Abbot and Victoria Robinson who represented NIGFAS more than ably by arranging flowers at Westminster Abbey for World Commonwealth Day.  I know that they both enjoyed the experience greatly. Well done. And , Well done to Heather Hume who made  a video of a Mother’s Day flower arrangement for Radio Ulster. This can be seen on NIGFAS Facebook. Again, very many congratulations. Heather did a really great job. On a personal level, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in any way since I became Chairman. I am a relative novice within NIGFAS and need a lot of guidance. When I have asked for help it has always been given willingly so I am eternally grateful to those who have the knowledge and wisdom that I am able to access. Let us now approach Spring and Summer with enthusiasm and hope that our weather will be kind enough to let us all enjoy the great outdoors. I know many of you will be involved with Flower Festivals and Shows. I wish you well in your endeavours and I would hope to visit as many of these as I possibly can. Take lots of photographs of your exploits and then send them in to Sandra, our Newsletter Editor who is always on the look out for articles for the Newsletter. Have a Happy Summer Yours in flowers and friendship,

Your Chairman Jean Bruce

Congratulations to Joan Lockhart who won the NIGFAS Area WAFA Elimination competition and will be staging the Honorary NIGFAS exhibit in Barbados during 18-25 June 2017 WAFA World Flower Show, “FLOWERS IN PARADISE”.  Click here for more information about the next WAFA Show.

NIGFAS Day 4 March 2017
Area Chairman Jean Bruce welcomed all, especially National Chairman Sheila Hadlow and AOIFA Chairman Candy Holten to what was a very entertaining NIGFAS day.  In the morning National Speaker Philida Irving presented an interesting character, in her intriguing talk entitled "My name is...", that of a courageous women called Sacagawea.

After lunch members had the opportunity to peruse the enticing stalls and view the sensational competitive floral designs and photographs, judged by Mary O'Brien and Brian Hennessey respectively.  Well done to all those who entered, fantastic to see a full hall.

An afternoon floral treat was provided by National Demonstrator Sandy Bailey.  "FLOWERS WITH PZAZZ" was her title and the stars did not disappoint. By the end a standing ovation was all that the audience could do! A spectacular finish to another NIGFAS event. Congratulations to the NIGFAS team and to all who made this day a great success.  

2017 NIGFAS Day - Floral Competitions
"Essential Elements"
Some of the winning designs

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