Congratulations Valerie Best has been appointed NAFAS WAFA Coordinater from NIGFAS Executive Committee and Nnigfas WAFA Rep Phyllis Boyd

WAFA World Show New Zealand 2023

Postponed until 2024

It is twelve months since the Hand over from India to New Zealand.

A dreadful year for all around our world and our WAFA family.

The New Zealand family wishes to announce the decision to postpone

the World Show with the blessing of WAFA Ltd, for another year, therefore 2024.

The Auckland Council as Managers of Aotea Centre are contracted to

an Arts Show from the Northern Hemisphere and are unable to confirm dates for us as yet.

March is the timeline requested and we will confirm as soon as possible.

Please stay safe and stay well as we are looking forward to hosting everyone in 2024.


Photo Galleries of Our Past Events

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WAFA 11TH World Show Barbados

Joan Lockhart with her Honorary Exhibit representing NIGFAS. George Madden exhibit received 3rd place and Ann Traynor received Commennded

NIGFAS on Tour in Barbados with the late Rev Mac in the photos

WAFA 12th World Show Dublin Ireland Nothern Ireland

Honorary Exhibit James Burnside

The other Exhibits were by NIGFAS Members who attended the Show

WAFA 13th World Show Jaipur India

Also attending the World Show from NIGFAS was Joan Magee NationaL Judge and

Margaret Abernathy as WAFA Chairman of NIGFAS

NIGFAS Honorary Exhibit by Sandra Abbott

1st Class C1 Broken Lines by Sandra Abbott & Mindy Carruthers Best Imposed

Presentation of Awards to Sandra Abbott and Mindy Carruthers for Best Imposed Broken Lines

George Madden NIGFAS India World Show Title Let it Spin

Johann Henderson NIGFAS India World Show

Title Uprooted Tossed and Turned

Karen Frew NIGFAS India World Show

Title Uprooted, Tossed and Turned

Maureen Mulligan NIGFAS India World Show

Title Uprooted, Tossed and Turned

Some of the NIGFAS Members who attended India World Show

WAFA World Show Dublin Ireland 2014

Each Countries Honorary Exhibits