Training and Education

JDS&E Association


Chairman – Winifred Gribbon

The Duties and Responsibilities of the JDS&E Chairman are:

  • Chair JDSE Committee meetings
  • Attend Area Executive Meetings and give an up to date report on the work of the JDS&E
  • Attend Area Council Meetings and give a detailed report to Council members
  • Notify the Area Representatives of date, time and venue of Council Meetings
  • Chair JDSE events
  • Attend NIGFAS Area Day and any other events organised by NIGFAS
  • Attend NIGFAS AGM and give a detailed report of the work of the JDS&E since the previous NIGFAS AGM. Set up a JDS&E table
  • Liaise with the Treasurer and Secretary
  • Liaise with the Area Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Education Representatives on all issues including Budgets and Tests
  • Attend Area Tests and support Training Sessions and Refresher Courses
  • Organise Workshops and be available to entertain Tutors etc
  • Compile a report for each edition of the NIGFAS Newsletter
  • Promote JDSE and encourage members to join
  • Be a good Ambassador for NIGFAS, NAFAS and WAFA

Judges Representative –  Joan Magee

Joan Magee, is an National Judge, Area Demonstrator and Speaker, and she can be contacted on  Tel No 02844830203 or

email: [email protected]

Demonstrators Representative – Cherie Nummy

Cherie is an Area Demonstrator, Speaker and Judge and can be contacted on 02870 849455 or Email: [email protected] Cherie is currently Treasurer.

Speakers Representative – James Burnside

James is a National Demonstrator, Judge, Teacher and Speaker.  He is an Adjudicator for demonstrating.  He can be contacted on 028 7964 2125 or e-mail [email protected]

Education Representative – Elizabeth Rea   Contact Number 07799706665        [email protected]

JDS&E SECRETARY -    Gertrude Carson  Contact details 0284461575 / 07762388861     [email protected]

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Area Representatives are:

· To act as a liaison between members of NIGFAS and their respective National Committees

· To attend Representative Days as and when arranged by the National Committees or find a suitable replacement if unable to attend

· To attend, if possible, National Symposiums and to promote these within NIGFAS and actively encourage members to attend

· To keep up to date with new developments and trends in their respective disciplines

· To organise Area Refresher days

· To compile and keep up to date lists of Area qualified members

· To encourage NIGFAS members to undergo training for Judging, Demonstrating, Speaking and Teaching

· To organise and carry through Area Tests

· To be good Ambassadors for NIGFAS, NAFAS and WAFA

Diary Dates 2021

Demonstrators Test Saturday August 21st 2021

AGM Saturday 6th November 2021


Time sees great change everywhere, ideas, opinions, technology, and economics all leave a mark. NAFAS has changed over its 60 plus years and will continue to in order to become relevant and attract more members.

Time, however, does not change the basis of the Elements and Principles we use in flower arranging as Pam Bluer, past Chairman of the National Education Committee mentions in the first edition of this book, that knowledge is essential.

We are delighted to be republishing this popular book, in which the understanding and meaning of contemporary floral design is relevant to the here and now.

Visit our website for more information

Pre- National Assessment and National Demonstrators Test Revised Dates Wednesday 21st April and Thursday 22nd April 2021

National Demonstrators Test
to be held at
Northwich Memorial Court

Wednesday 21st April 2021
Thursday 22nd April 2021
10.00am to 4.30pm
(doors open at 9.30am)

TICKETS £12 per person, per day
available from
Vanessa Keys, NAFAS, Osborne House, 12 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4TE

cheques payable to NAFAS – please include a SAE
card payments taken at Headquarters 020 7247 5567 – digital tickets issued
tea & coffee available
Reg Charity No. 1101348
Test held by kind permission of The Cheshire Area of NAFAS


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