Results of Photography NIGFAS DAY 7th March 2020

Class 1 Open Multi-Layered
1st Liz Manning, Londonderry
2nd Hazel Speer, Omagh
3rd Jackie Catherwood, Comber
H/C Eunice Cuddy, Cookstown/Dungannon
And June Faulkner, Londonderry
C Bette Johnston, Londonderry and Jemma Boyd, Greenisland

Class 2 Open Intricative
1st Jackie Catherwood, Comber
2nd Hazel Speer, Omagh
3rd Eunice Cuddy, Cookstown/Dungannon
H/C Jacqui Anderson, Greenisland and Liz Manning, Londonderry

Class 3 Open Laced with Charm
1st Jackie Catherwood, Comber
2nd Bette Johnston, Londonderry
3rd Hazel Speer, Omagh
H/C Barbara Megarry, Comber and Jemma Boyd, Greenisland
C Phyllis Boyd, Greenisland

Class 4 Novice A Vision of Harmony
1st Hazel Speer, Omagh
2nd Jemma Boyd, Greenisland
3rd Moira Mills, Letterkenny
H/C Eunice Cuddy, Cookstown/Dungannon and Liz Manning, Londonderry
C Judith De Fleury, Greenisland

Special awards

Hilary Mathews Trophy for Best Interpretation - Liz Manning, Londonderry

Aofia Vase - Judges Choice - June Faulkner, Londonderry

Erika Murray Frame for Best in Show - Jackie Catherwood, Comber


Revised 2018 – please note amendments

All classes will be judged in accordance with the NAFAS Competitions Manual ( 3rd Edition 2015)

All exhibits to be assembled at the show unless otherwise stated

All exhibits must be the unaided work of the named competitor/s

All exhibits will be staged on tabling approximately 72cms. from the floor unless otherwise stated

All stated measurements are approximate

All staging will be painted/covered DOVE GREY unless otherwise stated

Nothing may be attached to any background provided

Competitors may use their own background unless otherwise stated

All exhibits must be staged within the allocated space

The use of aerosol sprays within the competition venue is prohibited

A competitor is permitted only one entry per class

At the end of staging time competitors must leave the hall immediately, when requested to do so

Comment cards and Competitor Name Cards must not be removed or tampered with before the Show closes

The decision of the Judge/s is final

Any complaint by a competitor must be handed to the Competition Secretary IN WRITING  before the end of staging

Disclaimer.   Neither NIGFAS nor the owners of the property can accept any liability whatsoever for loss or damage sustained by any competitor.  All exhibits and property are at the Competitor's own risk

A  competitor who has won TWO  1st prizes in  NIGFAS Novice classes is  ineligible to enter the Novice section

A competitor who has won THREE 1st prizes in NIGFAS Intermediate classes is  ineligible to enter the Intermediate section

A competitor who has won ONE  1st prize in a NIGFAS  Intermediate class is ineligible to enter the Novice class  

A competitor who has won ONE 1st prize in a NIGFAS Open class is ineligible to enter either Novice or Intermediate classes

  • Photographs are not to be published on social media etc., until after the competition event has ended and only with the permission of the competitor.

The Link Below is the National Photography Competition Schedule 2019
Diamond Edition
Competition Rules, Schedule and Entry Form

Following a New Directive From NAFAS PHOTOGRAPHY

Please Click the Link Below

As an Area, we in NIGFAS would support the statement from NAFAS with regards comment cards.
Our Media Officer does not, and will not photograph comment cards and post on Social Media.

NIGFAS Area Chairman
Liz Manning

for NIGFAS Members and AOIFA Members Regarding Entering Competitions

This Post is in regards to the AOIFA National Competitions advertised on the NIGFAS Facebook Page and NIGFAS Website Page.

For a NIGFAS Member to Enter into the AOIFA National Competitions you must be an Independent AOIFA Member.
To do this you will have to go on to the AOIFA Website page and contact the AOIFA Secretary. She will then tell you how the process works and the cost involved.

For AOIFA Members that wish to enter NIGFAS Competitions you must also be a member of a NIGFAS Club or become an Independent member of NIGFAS by contacting the NIGFAS Secretary. The information can be found on the NIGFAS Website and he will let you know how the process works and the cost involved.

With Regards the AOIFA Flower Festival we have had confirmation from the AOIFA Secretary that they would more than welcome any club who would wish to Exhibit at the Flower Festival and the Pro Forma Form is already on both the NIGFAS Facebook and Website pages