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Chairman – Winifred Gribbon

 The Duties and Responsibilities of the JDS&E Chairman are:

  • Chair JDSE Committee meetings
  • Attend Area Executive Meetings and give an up to date report on the work of the JDS&E
  • Attend Area Council Meetings and give a detailed report to Council members
  • Notify the Area Representatives of date, time and venue of Council Meetings
  • Chair JDSE events
  • Attend NIGFAS Area Day and any other events organised by NIGFAS
  • Attend NIGFAS AGM and give a detailed report of the work of the JDS&E since the previous NIGFAS AGM. Set up a JDS&E table
  • Liaise with the Treasurer and Secretary
  • Liaise with the Area Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Education Representatives on all issues including Budgets and Tests
  • Attend Area Tests and support Training Sessions and Refresher Courses
  • Organise Workshops and be available to entertain Tutors etc
  • Compile a report for each edition of the NIGFAS Newsletter
  • Promote JDSE and encourage members to join
  • Be a good Ambassador for NIGFAS, NAFAS and WAFA


Judges Representative –  Joan Magee

Joan Magee, is an National Judge, Area Demonstrator and Speaker, and she can be contacted on  Tel No 02844830203 or

email: joanmagee@icloud.com

Demonstrators Representative – Cherie Nummy

Cherie is an Area Demonstrator, Speaker and Judge and can be contacted on 02870 849455 or Email: cherienummy@hotmail.co.uk Cherie is currently Treasurer.

Speakers Representative – James Burnside

James is a National Demonstrator, Judge, Teacher and Speaker.  He is an Adjudicator for demonstrating.  He can be contacted on 028 7964 2125 or e-mail brookville@btinternet.com 

Education Representative – Elizabeth Rea   Contact Number 07799706665        elizabeth.rea34@gmail.com

JDS&E SECRETARY -    Gertrude Carson  Contact details 0284461575 / 07762388861     trudycarson@yahoo.co.uk

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Area Representatives are:

·        To act as a liaison between members of NIGFAS and their respective National Committees

·        To attend Representative Days as and when arranged by the National Committees or find a suitable replacement if unable to attend

·        To attend, if possible, National Symposiums and to promote these within NIGFAS and actively encourage members to attend

·        To keep up to date with new developments and trends in their respective disciplines

·        To organise Area Refresher days

·        To compile and keep up to date lists of Area qualified members

·        To encourage NIGFAS members to undergo training for Judging, Demonstrating, Speaking and Teaching

·        To organise and carry through Area Tests

·        To be good Ambassadors for NIGFAS, NAFAS and WAFA

JDS&E Diary Dates

JDS&E Diary Dates 1